Postpartum Intimacy

This is a great article on a huge issue for many postpartum mamas…how do you get that intimacy back in your relationship? How do you navigate this new world of being a new mama and also enjoying a healthy relationship with your spouse? Read this great article:

Postpartum Depression

Postpartum Depression is very serious and very scary. Read this article to see if you might be dealing with it or if it might be “normal” mom stress.

VBAC Movie coming soon!

It’s been a while since I have posted on here but, this is something that I am very vaery passionate about! VBAC. Women who have had prior cesarean section should have a right to trial of labor and hopefully a vaginal birth for their future children (if they want to of course!) A movie on [...]

Kangaroo Care!

I am a big big proponent of Kangaroo Care for every baby actually.  Premies, sick babies, healthy babies, full-term babies, etc.  It just makes sense for a baby to stabilize and get better (if they are sick) when they are skin to skin on mama’s chest.  Wow, it just makes sense! Doesn’t hurt to try! [...]

Whooping Cough/Pertussis

It’s a big deal for parents to decide if to vaccinate their children. Whooping Cough has been getting some attention in the media lately and one of my mentors/teachers has created this presentation on whooping cough. It’s super good and very very informative! It covers the history of whooping cough, what it is, natural relief [...]

Kinda a cool video

Midwives Alliance \"I am a midwife\"Hey all, This is a kinda a cool video…check it out…

Newborn Screen

This is a great article about the CA newborn Screen. This is a test required by California state law for all newborns. Parents can of course refuse this test but it’s important to know what it is all about! For my client’s, we talk about this test a lot and there is a booklet I [...]

Is your little one sick? Thinking about antiobiotics? Doctors? Natural remedies?

I really respect Aviva Romm (midwife, herbalist and soome to be MD!) and I’m enrolled in her course to become a women’s health herbalist. She wrote an article and some of it is excerpted below. There are some natual remedies for coughs and ear infections that might plague your little one. Read on if you [...]

This feels awkward but…..

I’m totally going to toot my own horn here If you are interested in homebirth in the South Bay region, there is a great yahoo group named the South Bay Homebirth Collective. It’s a great resource for moms and families to post questions and to offer support and/or advice if needed. An ex-client of mine [...]

Birth Photography

Really, birth photography is beautiful! BEAUTIFUL! You don’t have to be a midwife to appreciate it! Lucky for everyone in Monterey, Santa Cruz and Santa Clara counties because we have a wonderful birth photographer around! Check out She’s a local photographer who is amazing! Folks have loved her birth photography and it could be [...]