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Elizabeth’s Birth:

waterbirth baby

“There are no words in this world to describe how wonderful my birth experience was with Lisa. The moment I met her we connected and I knew that she was going to make my birth the best that it could be. From the first appointment I had with her, she made me feel comfortable, confident in my choices, and very supportive. She was caring, loving, energetic, knowledgeable, thorough with each appointment, and so much more. My previous cesarean left me with doubt for a VBAC but Lisa assured me of my success and powerful birth.

It was the most amazing experience and I will never forget it. Lisa is my hero for being everything I needed and more during the most important moment of my and my daughter’s life. I would hire Lisa for as many more kids that I plan on having so she would be there for their entrance into this world.”


Jeff and Kristen Hoffman:

“Lisa worked with me during the last few months of my pregnancy and was there to catch my son. During the prenatal exams it was so easy to talk with her and feel comfortable around her. She is warm and caring and made me feel instantly at ease. When I was in labor, she remained calm and helpful, enabling me to have the natural water birth I wanted. I was so glad to have her be a part of my son’s birth!”

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Jether’s Birth:

“I had known Lisa from college and when I got pregnant she was the person who I wanted to deliver my baby. However, I had relocated to Arizona and knew she couldn’t be my midwife while in a different state. I still wanted her to be there for that special time so she was happy to be my doula. I was ecstatic. When my birth was actually early, she flew out to be there for it and I’m so thankful she was. I cannot imagine my delivery without her there to reassure me. She literally held my hand and calmly talked me through each moment. She helped me focus when I was having a hard time and kept me going when I felt like I was too tired to keep laboring. In moments of exhaustion and a little delirium seeing her calm face and hearing her reassuring voice just kept me going and gave me new strength to get it done. I know that when I have another child I will definitely have her there…but hopefully this time as my midwife!”

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Kara Rowley LM, CPM:

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Lisa Showalter for several years and working with her professionally as a midwife. She is always willing to lend a hand or an ear to any situation. She has a beautiful heart of compassion mixed with wisdom. Lisa has a gift of friendliness that quickly causes people to feel at home and an openness that allows people to trust her into the deeper parts of their lives. When I think of Lisa, I think of her heart for women and people, and her core belief that they be treated with respect and dignity no matter the situation. She speaks and lives this in her everyday life and actions especially with respect to those with different beliefs, different cultures, and different backgrounds. I would strongly recommend her as a midwife to anyone. She is a joy to work with, a safe place, and a source of knowledge and wisdom.”